Angling Reports 2008

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8 February - Loch Etive (Bonawe Quarry) - Fished a mark just past Bonawe Quarry with a few of the lads from 7pm-1.30am. Not a great deal caught, a few LSDs, a couple of small whiting and a wee thornback ray. Used mackerel, squid and ragworm baits. Andy, Brian, Al & Fergus

10 February - South coast of Mull - Had a day out on the Jacobite II with the lads. Headed down to the Garvellachs where we bottom fished for a while. There was a heavy swell which didn't go down too well with those of us who had been out the night before! Caught a few small coalies on baited hokkais. Went on to the south coast of Mull where we picked up some nice pollack to 8lbs caught on sandeels and leadheds/jellyworms. Andy, Al, Brian, Fergus, Ronnie & Stu

12 February - Loch Creran - Fished the incoming tide at the top of Loch Creran with Al from 5pm-9pm. Caught three LSDs each, two of them really small. A cracking clear night. Andy & Al

7/8 March - Ardfern - Camped at Aird's point south of Ardfern on the B8002. Used Mussels and Mackerel as bait. Did not catch a thing. We could hear seals, birds, corrievreckan whirlpool and somebody singing but nae fish. Great spot if you have good supplies, great fishing and good weather....we had none of these just a rubbish radio and cider.....p.s...we all have the flu noo....but my wife says its jist a sniffle. Alex & George

15 March - Loch Awe - Well the new season is here and as usual first port of call is Argyllshire's jewel Loch Awe. Got to Loch Awe about 9am to see Ben Cruachan covered in snow and thought oh here we go but it turned out to be a superb day certanly the best start to the season for many years. As for the fishing the loch was looking superb, a nice ripple, not too windy and dry so set up rod with maggot and poly ball next to inlet burn hoping to pick up some fish. Took 3 hours before rod bent into a rainbow about 1 lb in size all went quiet for another 2 hours before another rainbow was landed slightly bigger about 1 1/4 lb. Got a visit from the balliff and he was telling me a lot of fish caught were overwintered rainbows which were on the thin size. Just at that rod shot into water. Managed to retreive it before it dissapeared and played a nice fish for 5 mins only to land a very nice rainbow at 2 1/2 lbs, this without doubt the nicest rainbow I've managed from Loch Awe in many years. Not the biggest but by far the nicest fully finned and tailed, could quite easily have passed for a wild rainbow so score now 3-0 to me. Sanny pulled one back with rainbow about the 1lb mark. Not much happened after that. Sun going down and the temprature dropping it was time to say adios and head down the road to Ayrshire but will be back in a couple of weeks for some more of this beautifull part of the world. Ginger & Sanny

20 March - River Awe -
As we know  4,ooo rainbows escaped in Loch Etive, most of which are in river. They are avg 6/7lb, are easy pickings on fly, are hard fighting in river. They must be killed as they are alien, not good for system. We (Cammy, Euan) 7,8 yr olds had a good day. D MacLean

14 April - Loch Etive -
Fished self drive boat from Taynuilt pier. Weather was mainly fine with light winds and occasional shower. Fishing was poor all over, drifted off Inverawe with sandeel, rag and baited feathers and took a few small Pollack & Codling. Moved down the loch and fished several marks for Thornies & Spurs using large baits hard on the bottom with no luck. The final couple of hours were spent just above the pier at the first fish farm for half a dozen small Pollack and Craig caught the smallest Spurdog you ever saw at about 6 inches. All in all terrible fishing but fantastic views of Ben Cruachan and Glen Etive. Fergus, Craig & Hamish

27 April - Loch Creran - Fished Loch Creran close to Creran Bridge with a friend for a few hours around half way through the in-coming tide. Fishing with various coulours of spinners, jelly worms on lead heads and orange shads. Caught two fish myself, 5lb then 4lb pollack, my friend cuaght a 2lb then 7lb pollack, then second taking quite alot of time to get in especially after getting to the surface and splashing around, both fish caught on silver spinners 2-3 inches. Weather was fantastic with almost clear blue skies and burnt heads!!! Great to get some fish after a spell of not catching. Simon McDougall

3 May - Loch Etive -
Fished off a self drive boat from Taynuilt.  We used mackerel and sand eel bait, enabling us to catch a good number of spur dog between us, the biggest being 12 lbs caught by Raymee.  The weather was breezy to and at times a quite choppy but a good day was had by  all. Sue, Frank & Raymee

26 & 28 May - Loch Creran - We were up for half term and I had promised Charlie (13) I would take him fishing every afternoon if he revised for his exams every morning!  We both kept our bargains. Tempted by the reports of the bridge on this site we went twice to it, once spinning off the rocks and the second time by boat.  Each time was soon after the tide had started to fall (neap tides);  2 June was bright and sunny but with howling winds;  4 June was grey and wet. Yet again we failed even to get a bite here, I don't know what we're doing wrong!  Silver spinners, shads, eels, off the rocks both sides of the bridge, trolling off the boat round the basin and through the bridge ... not a twitch.  Grr.  One day... Tom, Charlie & Fredie

27 May - Liath Sgeir (Lismore) - Now this was more like it;  wind had dropped enough to get the boat out from Linnhe Marine and off we went to Liath Sgear on a falling neap tide.  Retrieving various artificials using booms and 6oz leads produced a cracking 6lb pollock for Charlie, his best UK fish.  The successful lure was an orange shad fished on a mirrorhead.  We had some as sushi that night - delicious!  Going to smoke the fillets.  Tom, Charlie & Freddie

29 May - Wreck of the Thetis (Mull) & Liath Sgeir (Lismore) - A nice still day today so we thought we'd venture into the Sound of Mull to try our first bit of wreck-fishing on The Thetis, just round the point from Rubha an Ridire.  The wreck was marked by a buoy and there was no dive boat, so we tackled up and the boys fished the drift with shads and eels.  The currents swirl there and you don't get long over the wreck itself, so after losing two shads and a pirk(!) to the wreck we gave up and headed south to Liath Sgeir.  There Fred (9) picked up two pollock, each just under 2lbs, and Charlie had one at 2 and a half.  All came on a Storm white minnow.  I tried pirking (with some hokkai lures above) down the side of the east cliff but no joy.  Bright day, falling neap tide. Tom, Charlie & Freddie

30 May - Loch Lundavara (nr. Ft. William) - Last day, so gave the sea a break and went for the evening rise at Lundavra.  Fished from the boat from about 7.45 to 9.45pm.  There wasn't quite enough wind for a good drift and the fish weren't really coming on, though Charlie raised a couple on a Butcher.  Fred had a double (on Kingfisher Butcher and Zulu) by the 9 year old's time-honoured method of holding the rod over the back of the boat while your dad rows back for the next drift! His first brown trout - he was very pleased.  Beautiful spot, lovely wee fish. Tom, Charlie & Freddie

4 June - Bonawe - Fished the slip, 1st night, then moved to the quarry, it's a long walk. Bait used sandeel, squid, black lug, mackerel, bluey. Between 4 of us, 2 small pollack, 1 small gurnard, 2 small codling, 1 12lb spurdog, the place was spot on, fishing was very slow as above shows, whether this was the amount of fresh water coming down the loch ???? The Friday afternoon was ok, for the 1st 2 lads there, spurdog, codling, makerel etc, but after the downpour it just died a death. Tight lines all. Andrew Cook

17 - 18 June - Loch Eil & Loch Lochy - Fished from the rocks in Loch Eil by the primary school - the current is fast flowing as the tide ebbs and there must be a lot of food as you can see the mackerel and pollack splashing about. Used a small toby spinner to catch mainly pollack, best 12oz and a few mackerel, best 1.5lbs. Very easy fishing - must have had 30 fish in an hour or so. Next day tried a silver and black toby for a couple of hours on Loch Lochy for pike. Caught one from the roadside layby - it must have weighed about 4lbs. Rain stopped play!! Robbie

20 June - Loch Etive - Fished in and around Airds bay from Friday evening to Saturday lunchtime. Not many spurdogs - best went to just around 5lbs caught on mackerel baited lures (hokkais and mini muppet rigs). Usual millions of whiting getting a bit bigger at about half a pound.  Might be worth eating in a year or two.  Also caught a handful of mackerel, gurnards, LSDs and a reasonable cod of 2 1/2 lbs.  Best of all were the loads of thornback rays.  We lost count but estimate around 40 of them. A few were around the 1 lb mark but most were 3-4 lbs with the occassional 5lb.  Strangely, even though we tried a number of different marks, the time, tide and bait didn't seem to matter.  Anything nailed to the seabed did the trick.  Unfortunately the charter boat anchored 200yds from us didn't seem to have our success.  Maybe just our lucky day! Colin

28 June - North Connel - Fished the bridge at North Connel on Saturday night with about 10 or so pollack/coalies - most about the 2.5lb. Also caught a few dogfish and 1 mackerel. Biggest fish was a 5 lb pollack. Good fishing but pretty snaggy untill you suss out the depth, weeds, rocks etc. Also saw a few "glowing" jellyfish floating past - pretty big too! Al

3 August - Loch Etive (Priory) - Fished low down to high, using sqid and mac as bait, no luck untill the tide turned then the mac was more productive, caught a couple of gurnard, 2 whitings and a spurdog to about 5lbs, can't wait to try the quarry. Rigs used were a single hook flapper and a 2 hook flapper cast about 60 -80 yards. Rick Smith