Freshwater Fish Species

Information and fishing techniques for many of the freshwater species that can be caught in the rivers and lochs of Argyll.

Arctic Char

Boat - Trolling with small lures fished on a downrigger at a depth of 10-60 ft. Fly fish deep water buzzers and nymphs on a fast sinking line.


Bank - Ledgering with worms and small deadbaits, float fishing livebait minnows and small perch.


Bank - Ledgering with dead or live baits around drop-offs and weed beds. Spinning with surface lures and spinnerbaits.

Boat - Trolling along the edge of weed beds with large lures and spoons, or casting surface lures over the weed beds. Fish live baits along drop-offs, weed beds, and underwater features.

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Bank -Ledgering with worms and maggots in the shallower bays, and spinning with small Mepps-type lures. Float fishing with live minnows.

Boat - Drift fishing with worms or minnows and spinning with small lures. Fly fishing with nymphs on a sinking line.


Bank - Fly fishing, spinning with lures.

- Trolling with lures, spoons and streamer flys in the top 10ft of water.

Trout, Brown

Bank -Fly fishing. Spinning with Tobys & Rapalas. Ledgering with worms and maggots.

Boat - Trolling or drift fishing around shallow water marks with Tobys, Rapalas or streamer flys. Fly fishing on the drift with wet fly patterns. Dapping.

Trout, Rainbow

The rainbow trout is not native to the UK but was introduced from north America. It is faster growing than the indigenous brown trout and is farmed in the UK for food and sport.

Fishing techniques are similar to the brown trout.

Trout, Ferox

Ferox trout are large predatory brown trout that have switched from feeding on invertebrates to feeding mainly on other fish. This not only boosts their growth but increases their longevity. Ferox are resident in some larger lochs such as Loch Awe.

- Trolling with large lures or dead baits on the downrigger or deep diving lures 10-35 ft down. Lake trolls & Lures.

Trout, Sea

The sea trout is a brown trout that has become migratory. What makes some fish go to sea is unclear.

Fishing methods as per the brown trout.