Loch Tralaig

Loch Tralaig lies one mile from the A816, the main road between Oban and Lochgilphead, around three miles north of Kilmelford. It is roughly 1½ miles long and just over ¼ mile wide in places. It is dammed at it's western end as part of a hydro electric scheme, with the outfall running into the Oude reservoir.

The loch has a good population of wild brown trout, which are fairly dark in colour. Fish up to 4lb are taken occasionally, though the average is around 10oz. The larger fish are usually caught trolling near the northern shore, and there are some excellent spots for shore fishing at the eastern end. Caution should be taken when wading as the bottom can be very soft and unpredictable.

Permits are available locally - see signs at the loch.